Where Are You Going? Out.

Despite being a twenty-something the stroppy teenager in me hasn’t completely disappeared. It’s all because of this very good question: Where are you going? The days of door slamming and descending down the stairs unnecessarily loudly fortunately have, but my passion for dance culture still manifests in the obvious answer. Going out. A lot. And no smart arse, it’s not to the park to drink White Lightning on the swings.

Most parties I go to – and have been to – are in Manchester, where I live and have grown up.  Soulful house and US garage-based nights are my main haunts, but I also enjoy parties where drum‘n’bass, jungle, broken beats, dubstep, hip hop*, r’n’b*, soul, reggae, dancehall and UK Garage is played.

Various quality nights, clubs and DJs (for example Hot Milk, Development, Murkage, Ape, Community, Warehouse Project, Content and Cutloose) cater to all of these tastes. It’s clear the city has a lot to offer to people like me and the hundreds of clubbers that attend them, but there aren’t any outlets that concentrate on them as a whole. With that in mind,‘Gone Out’ aims to provide an informative, entertaining and non-patronising take on Manchester clubbing with beats – with some other places and topics thrown in for good measure.

Expect interviews, previews, reviews, photography, brief listings of key nights and rants about chin strokers by me, a former Metro newspaper and City Life.co.uk journalist.

Contact karolynsgoingout@gmail.com if you would like to be featured or to make any suggestions.   

 *Please note, by saying I like r’n’b and hip hop, it doesn’t mean I head to Opus on a Saturday night wearing a polyester mini dress. None of that chat here.


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