Previewing a historic house night: CNYD

CNYD kicks off August Bank Holiday weekend in style

Chicago, New York and Detroit. These three US cities signify a rich house music history that befit the event the crew responsible for popular Manchester house nights Development, and the all-new Iam, is holding this Friday.

Basically Chicago – New York – Detroit (CNYD for short) is happening like this: six house legends – two representing each city – are to perform at underground venues Sound Control and The Attic on 27th August. Amazing right? It’s even more amazing when you learn who these legends are.

Part –founder of infamous night Body & Soul, Danny Krivit, and Shelter resident Timmy Regisford are bringing New York vibes to Manchester, while techno producers Rolando and  Stacey Pullen will be showing off the progressive beats of Detroit.

Vocalist Robert Owens (collaborator with the likes of Larry Heard, Frankie Knuckles and Satoshi Tomille on tracks including ‘Tears’ and ‘I’m Strong’) , and Beautiful Granville records’ Tevo Howard are also performing on behalf of their home town, Chicago.

Gone Out caught up with Development’s Tom Lynch to find out all about one of Manchester’s most exciting house nights of 2010.

CNYD is a great idea – what prompted you to think of it?

Thank you! We’ve been doing parties for nearly 6 years now, focusing almost exclusively on the music that originated from these three cities.

All the cities have such a strong musical heritage and the way people associate themselves with each city is so passionate, that it seemed like a cool thing to do. It’s taken us about four years to finally pull it together though; the initial idea came in 2005.

You’ve secured a fantastic line up; there isn’t any element of the night that’s less interesting than the other. Is it important that every city was represented in the best way possible?

There’s so much choice of legendary innovators and taste makers from all eras of these cities musical output, so we struggled to limit it to just six! I think we’ve got the balance right with the two longest serving resident DJs in New York; Danny Krivit at Body & Soul and Timmy Regisford at Shelter, two equally respected legendary producer/DJs from the second wave of the Detroit techno movement. Plus one of the most exciting producers to come out of Chicago for decades, alongside the most recognised voice in house music.

You guys seem to be getting bigger all the time. CNYD seems like a natural progression for you rather than a sudden leap from a one venue club night to a multi DJ, multi-venue event.

It’s been a long-winded natural progression, having been sat on the concept for so many years! We’re really excited about pushing ourselves to do something so different and so much bigger.

With this in mind, how much work has been put into getting it all together – and has it been tough?

Loads and loads [of work]. Mainly [there’s been] lots of planning in programming such a bigger event, and deciding on which bloody DJs to choose! It’s been a much bigger marketing process than we’ve ever embarked on before, so yes, it’s definitely been more difficult. And the DJs haven’t even arrived yet.

In three words, what can attendees expect from CNYD?

House, techno and disco.

It looks like CNYD is going to be a massive success, can people expect similar events in the future?

Maybe! At the moment it’s a one off, a special event and hopefully one for the scrapbooks!

Friday 27th August, 10pm to 6pm, Sound Control and The Attic, Manchester. Tickets £20


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