Save Saki

Wilmslow Road club night and gig venue Saki Bar is going to appeal on 20th September. It’s license was revoked in February this year because of complaints over the noise from local residents. 

Not sure if it’s because it’s on the edge of the busiest roads in Europe or what, but other outside factors just might, just might, have exacerbated the situation not solely caused by Saki. Anyway, if you’ve been and enjoyed it like me, sign the petition. Host to nights such as Oh My God and Hit and Run, it’s a small venue that gives an individual feel to Manchester clubbing – a valuable asset in my opinion.     

This is what I wrote in my signature of the petition.

“Saki provides an outlet for music enthusiasts in a welcoming and respectful environment. I have attended events there and the social aspect of this smaller, independent venue gives people an outlet to express themselves in a safe place. People value this because they aren’t unnecessarily loud there. Saki is situated on the edge of a city centre, not a country road with 25 houses next to it – and it probably makes the same amount of noise as a small town pub.”


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