Seasonal Superhero Style

This year, my Christmas and New Year plans are on the last minute due to sudden changes that I’ve had to quickly adjust to. The snow has affected presents being delivered in the post, which means I’m on standby for a desperate rush to the shops on Christmas Eve. On a more positive note, I’ve suddenly got financial security that wasn’t there two days ago via a new job starting in January. 

Unsurprisingly one of the most important parts of the festive period for me are the parties. I’ve missed out on most of the festivities so far; unfortunately we all know that money dictates even the most enthusiastic ravers’ schedule. Now I can spend a bit more freely, I’m open to invites.

With this in mind, I’m currently on the hunt for an outfit for the 27th December and maybe even New Year. My search however, came up with some interesting but useful finds.

Take this David Darymple Metallic One Piece from I feel it would thoroughly reflect my superhero mission to find something amazing in so little time. I could go to a fancy dress party as Ice Woman, or something. It could also double up as a Christmas present costume.

Perfect for those Miami parties I can never get to

Well whatever it looks like on me, it would definitely be amazing on a long legged-lady attending designer, boutique owner and Sex and The City stylist Patricia Field’s New Years Eve party. From the sounds of it, it’s set to be an audacious night. Shame I can’t get to Miami on the last minute to see it all.    

My next find was this Aqua Wu Dress with a chiffon cape from Yes, a cape.  It would make someone a very beautiful superhero, but dancefloors wouldn’t be too forgiving.

Great for sashaying down a flight of stairs in a stately home

Several hours of online searching later, I found just the thing. If you want to know what it is, you’ll just have to wait and see.  Just so you know, it won’t come complete with superhero spandex or cape. Sorry.


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