Murkage Warm-Up Riddims

If winning awards for being one of the best club nights in Manchester wasn’t enough, there’s some more good news from the Murkage camp.

The hype is steadily building for their new music project ‘Murkage’, and due to my love of rowdy grime and bass-driven tracks, I’m massively into the remix of their single for ‘In The Jungle’ by the Manchester-based part rap, part punk, part raving crew.

Some Nexx Guy In The Jungle – Murkage vs DJ Zinc (martisau Bootleg) by MURKAGE

Download the rest of the free Murkage Warm-Up Riddims, including the single ‘In The Jungle’ and ‘Jenny’ – Murkage vs Nero, here

They’ve also got two more tracks on their Sound Cloud page, while their website, has had a revamp.

It’s just enough to get by with until the release of Murkage’s debut EP in March. Until then, get ya peanuts!


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