Neil Pierce interview

Neil Pierce is one of the UK’s most respected soulful house DJs and producers. Part of The Fanatix production duo along with Aaron Ross and Head of A&R at Soul Heaven Records, which stemmed from Masters At Work’s Louie Vega’s London party of choice Soul Heaven, he’s responsible for some of the most popular tracks on the scene. Neil’s also played at events all over the world in places such as Hong Kong and Australia, while he was one of the first UK DJ’s to play New York club Shelter. So when it was announced Neil is headlining Manchester’s new soulful house night Tempo this Saturday (January 22), Gone Out was more than excited. I had a quick chat with the London spinner about Dave Law and DeanJay’s party and more.

Are you looking forward to playing Tempo?

Yes very much so. I know anything Dave and Dean are behind is quality and there’s a load of Londoners coming up for moral support, so it should be an amazing night!

DeanJay and Dave have got a fantastic reputation due to All Back To Ours (their extremely popular London night that ended recently) – how did it feel to asked to open their first ever party up here in Manchester?

A real privilege to be honest. As well as being great DJ’s they are great fun to be around, so I’m really looking forward to it.

Is this the first time you’ve played Manchester? If not, what memories do you have of playing in the city?

No I’ve played in Manchester many times. There used to be a fantastic party called Angel Deelite; a good friend of mine, Mark Ginter, used to run it for around 7 years at a club called Venus. I’ve also played as Fanatix at Development. I always really look forward to playing in Manchester. You lot are bloody mental so that suits me down to the ground ; )

Have you got any news on upcoming Soul Heaven artists?

Soul Heaven had a very busy year last year. I’ve already got 10 months worth of releases ready and I’m trying to focus on pushing through lesser known artists, especially from the UK . You can expect releases from Deep City Soul, myself, Paris Cesvette, The Jersey Maestros , Manchester’s own Beaten Soul just to name a few.

Tell me all about your new single with Dawn Tallman.

It’s just a straight up classic-sounding soulful house record. I wasn’t trying to be clever or follow any trends, I just wanted to do a traditional sounding track.

– Check out ‘Get Out Of My Head’ (MN2S), which is currently number six in the Traxsource chart here

How did it come about?

Well I work with Mike Patto formerly of Reel People alot and we put the groove down to this early last year. Although I think the music is beautiful, the track was quite sparse so I knew it needed a singer with power and conviction to bring it to life. I sent the track to Dave Jones at MN2S Records and he really liked it so I asked if he could hook me up with Dawn, he obliged and the the rest is history.

What plans do you have for 2011 regarding your production, The Fanatix, Soul Heaven Records and DJing?

I’m planning on having my most productive year this year. I was a lazy little shit last year and still did relatively well, so I wanna push myself and see what fruit it brings! I have four releases ready to go and The Fanatix are in the process of finishing loads of new material in the next month or so, so it’s looking good.

Tempo (Manchester launch), 10.30 to 3.30am, Saturday 22 January, Mint Lounge, 46 – 50 Oldham Street, Manchester. General Admission: £5.00 before 11pm, £6 after, £4 for Tempo Guests.

There’s two amazinng parties at the Mint Lounge on Saturday. Long-standing funk, disco and soul night Funkademia is taking place in the main room, and Tempo will be in the back room. For more information about the Manchester launch of Tempo, including pre and after parties, check out the event page here. See you on the dancefloor!


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