Needing You

I haven’t been well over the past week. Since it’s been driving me to bed early, I’ve not been writing. I’ve also missed far too many parties for my liking. Frankie Felicano at Sink in Liverpool, the Peven Everett show in London and Ape are just some raves I’ve not been able to attend. As my mum would sternly say, it’s just not on. Instead of getting upset about it – after all, I’ll be out and about soon – I’ve been inspired to write about other things.

I initially wanted to talk about my thoughts on the Andy Gray sacking in relation to how men and women interact with each other in every day life, but it got boring and long-winded. This Jill Scott track reflects my take on male/female relationships more effectively.

What I take from ‘The Fact Is’, men you aren’t sleeping with/going out with/married to… whatever, but have some kind of relationship with should be applauded by women as well as the ones who face up to the responsibility of raising children, commitment and being a good boyfriend. For most ladies, it’s obvious. So much so that you don’t really think about it. When you do you, you realise that you might have made your dad mad for making him pick you up from that house party at 3 in the morning but he still did it, you may have even argued with your brother about how your current love interest isn’t an idiot when they actually are, your grandad might have read bedtime stories to you, in the morning you might even chat to the local shopkeeper about something and nothing. Any one, or all of these people could have done or said something that’s nice. These people just happen to be men. I could go on.

It’s true that guys have a lot to answer for when it comes to treating women in a second-rate way, whether it’s a sexist comment in the office, cheating or abandoning their family for example. However all men aren’t awful, all the time, but it isn’t something many women admit. So along with Jill, I feel it needs to be said. Just this once.


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