Less of the late-night drama, more bacon butties please

When it’s time to go home after a night out in Manchester city centre, I don’t know how many times food, comfortable seats and warmth have been the next best option to getting home to my bed. Especially when you’re stood in the rain with a group of frustrated and drunk people you called your friends until the black cab driver decides to charge an extortionate price because you all live on the other side of wherever. Then the person who lives furthest starts to think they’re going to pay the most, wants to be dropped off first and they won’t speak to you ever again. But there’s nothing you can do about it.

Unless you know about the Night Cafe at Nexus Art Cafe on Dale Street, which has got to be one of the most useful facilities for party people who a) like art b) bacon butties at 3 in the morning or c) have missed the last bus home. The Dale Street community cafe, which is ran by the Methodist & Anglican Church, opens its doors every Saturday night/Sunday morning from 2am to 6am. People can enjoy food and a free taxi calling service in a welcoming environment – one that I wish my front room looked like.

I found out about this when I went to Nexus for my dinner last week and I’m highly upset to discover that the Night Cafe has existed since 2005. All those friends and money I could have saved… It’s also nice to know that people care about others safety too.

Ran by volunteers and not-for-profit, Nexus is an asset to (and for) Manchester and its young people. Find out more about the creative cafe, which serves food and drink daily, hosts various exhibitions and has a weekly arts schedule alongside the Night Cafe, here.

Nexus Art Cafe, Dale Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester


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