The song I would most like to dance to this weekend is…

There’s certain times when I come across a track through various means in the week and I hope and pray the dj plays it when I’m out. When they do, it makes my weekend – and this week has been one of those times. Clique is at the Mint Lounge tonight and after the hype surrounding the Clique NewTrends Remix of Sleigh Bells ‘Rill Rill’, (it’s been featured on various blogs, had Soundcloud and YouTube love, plus my friend Ruth, who’s the woman to go to in Manchester for everything amazing, liked it on Facebook),  I won’t have to wish too much. This electropop loveliness makes me want to dance like female indie singers from the mid-90s did.

Clique, Mint Lounge, 46 – 50 Oldham Street, Manchester, 10pm – 3.30am, £4 before 11pm/£6 after or £5 with flyer or NUS


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