February was a busy one for me. I went out loads but I’ve not had time to blog about it because I’ve had boring time-consuming things, like moving house, to do. So here are a few images, taken both on my snazzy camera and Blackberry (apologies for the quality of these pictures), documenting what I’ve been up to.

    I was drunkenly convinced this picture I took of our table at Piccolinos Italian restaurant on John Dalton Street should go in a brochure. Nice place.

    This is what I had for dessert:

    A chocolate bread and butter pudding made with panettone. Quite tasty but by the time I got halfway through, it was sickly.

    After our meal, celebrating my friend Siobhan’s birthday, we went to Blackdog Ballroom on the corner of Church and Tib Street for drinks and dancing. This picture depicts one of one of my second-most favourite thing about this bar. Scenesters drinking beer from pint glasses, similar to ones that can be found in my parents’ 1970s pine cabinet and used by my moustached uncles, is just really funny. Oh, in case you were wondering what my favourite thing about Blackdog Ballroom is, it’s that they play tracks like this:

    I’m also lucky to say I got to see Grammy-nominated singer/time traveller Janelle Monae at the Academy on the 28th. She’s that good, she got people on their hands and knees in the encore. If you don’t believe me, Siobhan got a pic… check out the sneak who just crouched a bit. Boo to you sneaky croucher guy (Unless you have knee problems, then I’m really sorry).

    That was just one of notable events that happened. Monae’s show is definitely one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. Her songs are given a fantastic live treatment; her band, dancers, black and white dress code, dance moves, voice and facial expressions showed me that I was witnessing the real deal. An experience I highly recommend to everyone.

    Support came from CockNBullKid and she’s pretty amazing too. Check out her latest single ‘Hold On To Your Insecurities’.

    I then went out last night:

    This was taken at the second Tempo soulful and deep house party at Mint Lounge on Oldham Street last night. After last month’s succesful launch with DJ Neil Pierce (Soul Heaven/Fanatix), Dave Law and DeanJay continued where they left off and got the Mint Lounge jumping once again the help of All Back To Ours’ Gaz James and Lanny from Not For Squares.

    An honourable mention goes to Murkage. They supported Lethal Bizzle at Soundcontrol last night and I have it on good authority that they smashed it. Listen to their latest track (which was released in February – see the tenuous February link there?) here:


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