The song I would most like to dance to this weekend is…

I love deep house; it’s especially effective when it gets to around 3.30, 4am in the morning and your eyelids start to close. ‘Tap The Core’ on Development Music is exactly the kind of track that’s perfect for that ‘I’m so tired now but I don’t want to go home yet’ moment. 

Detroit poet Diamondancer provides the sultry whispers over Tomson’s driving and hypnotic beat – with remixes from Detroit’s Delano Smith, Hudd Trax’s Eddie Leader and At One from London, it’s a solid package tailored for the hardcore dancers whether they like stripped back techno, Chicago House or soulful vibes. Check out the remixes, minus At One’s, here.

Smith is playing at the launch party for ‘Tap The Core’ tomorrow evening at Spektum, as part of Carnival at Sankeys. He will be joined by New Jersey producer, label boss and producer Brothers’ Vibe, Development Music’s Tomson and Stretford Dogs Club.

Spektum, Radium Street, Manchester. Saturday 26th March, 11pm to 6pm, £10 tickets from


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