Lovesick All Over Again

I saw singer/songwriter Mariella perform her single ‘Lovesick’ at hip-hop night Bondfire on a trip to New York last October. With its chorus swirling around my head weeks after I got home, I searched for her website, a download or any of her releases without any luck – until now. International soulful house, broken beat and jazz producer and musician Mark de Clive-Lowe has teamed up the with Brooklyn singer/songwriter for the release of ‘Lovesick’ (MdCL remix) and I’ve picked up with the talented Mariella where we left off.

For people who’ve only just discovered your music, update me on how you’ve got to this point in your career.

I hooked up with two musicians, Nic Coolidge and Lex Sadler. We ended up forming [music production team] Rogue Pop together and we started in the studio. The first track we did together was ‘Lovesick’. All being fairly new to producing, it took a really long time in the studio. The result was a great song and opened up a lot of doors. The songs kept getting into the right hands and the right ears and the biggest thing that happened was in December last year; Mark de Clive Lowe really liked the track and agreed to remix it, which opened up everything else. It was a hurry up and wait process, then all of a sudden it took off full steam.

I read on Mark de Clive Lowe’s blog that you approached him about it out of the blue?

A funny story about this is, I was at my job… I worked a club named Bembe; lots of DJs play there, there’s lots of great music.  The weather was terrible outside so the DJ and I were sitting around making a list of people who I want to work with. Mark was at the top of that list; he was playing a couple of weeks later in the city.  I went to the concert and I met up with him. I told him how huge of a fan I am, gave him my info, tracked him down through a mutual friend and sent him an email. It’s that whole, ‘ask and you shall receive’ concept. I noticed that if you have the chops to back something up, people say yes. It’s crazy; alot of my heroes have become super accessible. A big part of that is just having the balls to just go up to them and say ‘Hi, I’m a huge fan and that you want to work with you’. It’s great that everyone’s said yes so far!

The original track is very strong but what do you think the remix has brought to ‘Lovesick’?

It’s given it a house sensibility. I’ve noticed DJs are a lot more keen to play the remix than they are to play the other version. The other version is probably going to do well in the mainstream, a top 40 setting, a clothing store or hotel lounge.  I feel like this mix is going to give it a lot of legs and get played in the real clubs.

Have you heard it played out yet?

Yes! It was super, super exciting. I heard it in Miami at the Winter Music Conference – I really had to stop myself going up to the DJ shouting: ‘that’s me, that’s me!’ It was DJ Nickodemus. He’s a good friend of mine, just based on going up to the DJ and making contacts.

How was the conference?

The conference was great; we got alot done. I took advantage of the panels and met new people. I went with a nice-looking package and business cards. It makes a huge difference when you look put together, people pay you mind. I got to see alot of great sets, there was alot of great music. There was a couple of nights where I got the chance to get off the beaten track and go to the real spots where the real house music was going down, with the real fans. That was pretty cool. The plan for next year is to go to the Winter Music Conference, then SXSW and then go back to Miami for Ultra. They’re within weeks of each other.

What’s the best club or club night you’ve been to and why?

I really enjoy the sound and vibe at Cielo [in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan]. I also love Nublu, a small out-of-the-way spot in Alphabet City [Lower East Side/East Village, Manhattan]. It always has great DJs and acts.

The first thing I found out about you was how you performed on Sesame Street…

One of my lifelong dreams was crossed off the list. We had our first rehearsal at Sesame Street studios and I cried. I literally walked through door and cried. I took pictures with everything, it was incredible. It was so much fun. The funniest thing is, no matter what I do, how high profile it is or important, people seem to be more impressed with Sesame Street! I didn’t meet any of the actors but I took pictures with Cookie Monster and Oscar The Grouch.

Away from Sesame Street, what are your plans for the future? 

Mark and I have done another track that’s on my EP, which is coming out in June, called ‘Dissapoint’. It’s a down-tempo track, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson is on strings. Mark did everything else. I’m actually going to fly out to Cali and spend the month with him; we’re going to record an EP together. I’m also be travelling to the UK at some point; I’m working with Aaron Ross over at Defected Records and DJ Afronaught from Bugz In The Attic, so you’ll be seeing me very soon.

‘Lovesick’ (MdCL Remix) is out now on Tru Statement Records and is available on


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