Joining the dots

Tah Phrum The Bush told me to support my local emcees last week. Kind of.  The Brooklyn emcee I was introduced to over a year ago on a trip to NYC, just happened to mention it to the audience when he was hosting A to the ZeMCee at Contact Theatre last Thursday. Which was a lot of fun, by the way.

I do you know. I really do. I love Broke’n’English, R.I.O and Virus Syndicate among others. I’m ashamed to say though, Skittles nearly passed me by.  I can’t say how thankful I am for Tah’s reminder because in the midst of all the music-based tweets, status updates and e-mails I end up getting embroiled in every evening, I may have just missed out.

I like that the promo for his new single Dot2Dot doesn’t take anything away from the track.  I like that the lullaby melody and Skittles’ glittery face mask… thing, freaks me out. I like that his menacing tone scares me. I like that he’s unapologetic about drinking Lambrini. I love that the track is just under three minutes.  I love his hypnotic flow. I just love it.


And I support my local emcees.  Watch out for Skittles’ forthcoming album, ‘Poor With £100 trainers’ and check out his Facebook page.


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