Sunday Nuyorican Soul

I’m upset. Louie Vega played a special Nuyorican Soul set at ‘Havana Cultura’ with Gilles Peterson and DJ Simbad at Electrik in Brixton last month, celebrating the release of the latest instalment in Peterson’s Havana Cultura album series. The Havana Cultura band, made up of 6 Cuban musicians, Roberto Carcasses, Danay Suarez, Osdalgia, Alexey (El Tipo Este) from Ombsesion, Edrey from Ogguere and Julito Padron played live too.

Now your reaction to this may be: ‘Upset? Why, this sounds like a super night!’

And I say: ‘Why, yes. It also would have been super if I didn’t miss it.’


I hate finding out about events like this weeks after they took place.

At least there’s a nice mix Louie put together especially for the party, to help me get over it. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon.


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