Join The Cartel

It’s rare I post about the same people twice in a row. Just goes to show the prolific nature of Stretford Dogs Club at the moment.

He’s teamed up with Ben Pearce, DJ, producer and creative Director of music website Purp & Soul, to come up with yet another interesting concept. He’s asked us, the dancers and partygoers, to become compadres of Cartel. Compadres are an exclusive group of people that will get to make decisions about the deep house night. Not the kind of decisions that get brushed off after a drunken conversation in a loud club, mind you. Ones that matter. According to SDC:

“We want to create a party for the people, by the people.”

Over half of the limited positions have been registered for, after the invite went on-line on Friday 13th February. If you want to join before they’re all taken up, register here. If you want to find out more without becoming a compadre, sign up for the mailing list.

James Priestley and Giles Smith, residents at London night Secretsundaze will be joining Cartel regulars Stretford Dogs Club and Ben Pearce for the first Cartel party, taking place on 26th February at Islington Mill.

Theo Parrish, Subb-an, Adam Ross will be playing at the Easter Sunday (8th of April) party, with more details to be confirmed.

After that, it’s up to us…

Sounds ominous. The exciting kind of ominous.


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