New music: Ruby Ann Patterson

The past week is a distant memory for most people who are having fun at various bank holiday parties this weekend but I was inspired by a mid-week performance that’s still niggling at my soul.

It was on Wednesday evening just gone. I was at the Royal Northern College of Music with my dad, looking forward to seeing Candi Staton perform. We had settled into our seats and while I was busy regretting eating far too much of Eighth Day Vegetarian Cafe’s delicious curry and chocolate brownies, the lights suddenly went out and Manchester singer-songwriter Ruby Ann Patterson walked on stage, politely introduced her self and began her supporting set.

She opened with a cover of Robyn’s ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ and taken aback, I suddenly forgot about my stomach and tears were rolling down my face. Most people that I’m close to, know I cry at anything vaguely emotional but these weren’t token tears. Robyn’s upbeat electro pop version implies the singer is fully in control of the situation while the 19-year old’s take was tinged with a sadness that caused me to recall the incidences of ‘nearly there but always more interested in another girl’ situations I always got caught in with boys I liked as a teenager.

Check out a live performance of that very track here.


Visit Ruby’s website for more tracks and further information about her music. 


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