Inna Voice – Zinc Roof Pt.1

ImageThis evening has been a mixture of Destiny’s Child related excitement after the release of their  track ‘Nuclear’ from their new album ‘Love Songs’ and some bedroom grooving to Ian Fletcher’s deep house sounds and Levi Live’s interview with Groove Assassin on Sole Plates (ALL FM 96.9). The cherry on top of the ice cream soda was catching up with Manchester collective Inna Voice’s self-titled latest album.

ImageThe Zinc Roof Pt. 1 has really caught my attention from the collection. I like the slow build up to the squelchy bass line, the interesting play on language and Keisha Thompson’s beautiful voice. If you’ve ever attended the Contact Theatre or local events such as Freestyle Fictionary, you will have seen at least one of this group of poets, MC’s, singers, beat boxers, producers and visual artists at work. It’s nice to hear what this group can do as one entity and I hope that it continues into the future. Enjoy.                



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