The record I would like to twirl around to this weekend is…

Pay day brings the parties for many but there’s one where it doesn’t matter how much money you have.

Boogizm came to my attention last summer but many north west ravers have been attending this eclectic, no-holds barred get together for some time.

Good taste and extensive knowledge goes a long way if you’re a true DJ and the ones that play at Boogizm certainly know how to select the right tracks to keep the faithful crowd on the dance floor. All for free.

Resident Tom Boogizm will be joined by Mike O’Mara (Development Music and Huddle – Sheffield) and Chris Feinmann, who is also on the Development label.

Join the dancers in the upstairs room at The Bridge pub to twirl, swoon and pronk to techno, samba, hip hop, UK and US garage, deep house, broken beats, jazz and everything in between.

Tonight (25/01/13), The Bridge pub & restaurant, 58 Bridge Street, Manchester, M3 3BW, 10 until close, Free.


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