Well funny

Attending live comedy can be a gamble especially if the line up is new to you. When it goes terribly wrong, most people in the audience must wonder why they wasted their money on entrance fee/and or drinks. The prospect of watching stand up at The Abbey Inn pub last Thursday, had me seriously considering cutting my losses on drinks and bus fare to Oldham to stay in. The reason I was unusually unsure was the last time I went to The Abbey for comedy, the compere hosted a mediocre ‘comedy quiz’.  In reality it was a question set about celebrities followed by a marshmallow eating contest. Yes, the compere made one person from each team participate in this and yes, my team nominated me. Retch. However I’m an open-minded individual and when it comes to comedy, for every bad experience I believe there’s a good one around the corner. 

This time around there was no forced marshmallow-based fun but a line up and new compere for what appears to be a new night, entitled ‘Gagging For It’. The compere’s name escapes me (apologies!) but I liked his down-to-earth humour and appreciated his ability to make the audience feel at ease which is something some comperes forget. The headline act, Daliso Chaponda, was the highlight of mine and what seemed to be the rest of the audience’s evening. The bar maid, who came to collect our glasses at the end, said she hadn’t laughed as much in a long time. I had to agree. Chaponda has fantastic stage presence, the ability to speak about issues people wish they weren’t embarrassed to talk about and above all, a great truth about him. He’s touring his act around the UK and I strongly advise you attend. I’m convinced Daliso Chaponda’s going to get ‘dead famous’ soon.

Check out some of his material here: 

8.30pm start, £3 OTD, The Abbey Inn, West Street, Oldham, OL9 6EJ


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