‘La Plage’ feat. Bipolar Sunshine – Murkage/’Rats’ – Rainy Milo

I’ve been considering re-naming this blog to ‘Staying In’. I’m either getting boring, lazy – or both. My attitude needs to change ASAP. Thankfully I’ve retained my enthusiasm for new music. Here are a couple of tracks I’m enjoying at the moment.

La Plage feat. Bipolar Sunshine – Murkage

La Plage - Murkage Ft. Bipolar Sunshine

Further niceness from Manchester-based Murkage with their new release ‘La Plage’. Their upfront, revolution-inducing lyricism combines well with the melodic vocals of Mancunian artist of the moment, Bipolar Sunshine. They add a controlled feel to the track, particularly when comparing it to previous Murkage releases such as ‘Torches’. This is not a bad thing. It’s what makes you sit up and really think: OK, now they’re getting serious.

Check the audio here, which is now available on Murkage’s Soundcloud page. Also watch out for the ‘La Plage’ video, coming soon.


Rats – Rainy Milo

Her accent is prevalent, so much so I want to go to London right now, while her tone is just lovely. I cannot get enough of this; it evokes memories of travelling around the city and the 2 London boys I thought I loved (not at the same time). Released on the 21st of this month,  it’s available for download on  iTunes.


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