Review: Lizzo – ‘Faded’


I’m not entirely 100% about Faded after only a few listens. But there’s something about Lizzo’s UK debut (skip to 4 mins 44 secs to listen to the track above) that makes me think I’ll end up loving it.

Maybe it’s her frenetic style, which reminds me so much of B.O.B by Outkast, or Lizzo’s humorous sense of truth shining through her rhymes. Case in point: “It’s that L to the I to the Z Z O / Ain’t got no time for the C3P0, Wookie, rookie / Never knock nookie, but I’d rather stack cookies / Looking at the sunset the color of Snookie”.

She’s just finished a mini tour around the UK; Gone Out favourites Murkage supported her last night at Birthdays in London so you can imagine the carnage that combination caused.

Both the single and album Lizzobangers are released on 14th April on Virgin Records. For more about Lizzo, check her website and Twitter.


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