Review: Katy B feat. Sampha – ‘Play’

I’ve always maintained an interest in Katy B’s music but her songs, bar a couple of her previous singles, never ‘got’ me. I’ve kept an eye on her talent because I believe she’s got enough to be the whole package.

Her recent release, ‘Little Red’, was much hyped on my Twitter feed so I decided to see how her music had developed since her 2011 album, On A Mission. The songs which stood out for me were ‘I Like You’, and more so, a duet with Sampha called ‘Play’. Liking a Katy B song in the past pretty much translated into ‘I like it but wouldn’t be bothered if it was played or not’. Now, liking this means it’s a regular feature on my playlist of current loves.

I like the direct tone to her lyrics, how she uses imagery to portray exactly what she wants and the skittery, soulful vibe. And the fact Sampha is on it. Check it here:

Most of the other tracks on Little Red don’t grab me. However, Play displays a glimpse of maturity and a slight edge she could use to her advantage in the future. In the same breadth, it could just be a filler song to Miss B. Either way, it’s nice to hear her doing something a little different.


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