New album: Mark de Clive-Lowe – ‘Church’

Broken beat and nu jazz veteran’s Mark de Clive-Lowe’s latest long player ‘Church’ is out now.

Check the exclusive behind the scenes taster of the New Zealand born, LA via UK-based producer’s release, which was crowd-funded via Kickstarter, here. Loving the jazz flute vibes!


With the same name as his LA/NYC club night, ‘Church’s’ 3 main components are live dance party (obviously), jazz club and electronic remix experiments (such as going to a club and watching them create beats from scratch).

It features collaborations with Nate Smith, Duane and Robin Eubanks, Jamire Williams, Nia Andrews, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Low Leaf, John Robinson and theeKIDICARUS.

Download ‘Church’ on the MCDL bandcamp pagecheck out artwork and the track by track descriptions on the MCDL website.


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