Manchester Afro-Caribbean Carnival, 19th/20th July 2014: Sound system picks

The parade, main stage performances and food are the main attractions of this free annual, family event, which is taking place at its temporary home of Plattfields Park this weekend.

What swings it for me, however, are the sound systems, pumping out good vibes and happiness to the sunshine crowd. Here is a quick run down of some of the things you can expect if you fancy a dance at Carnival 2014:

Inna Deep/Community – Saturday and Sunday

This is the house music sound system, hosted by Inna Deep promoter Wayne Mantrax and Community main man Irfan Rainy.

Basically, it’s the biggest and loudest one there. Some may already know the music policy and understand their party-hosting skills after attending their events around the city, but just in case you don’t: it’s amazing.


Red Bull Music Academy Sound System – Saturday only


Now this is a bit fancy, in a ‘Ooo, carnival is becoming more recognised’ kind of way. It will be the first time that, I’m aware of, carnival will host a bass-heavy stage with nationally recognised head liners.

DJ Hype is an established favourite on the d’n’b scene, Gone Out favourites Murkage will turn up the levels to a point where if it went any further, it would be socially unacceptable, and Mancunian legend Chimpo will bring even more madness. And that’s just covering 3 acts from 10. I tenner bet you that the word VIBEZ will be the buzzword of the day.

Sound System Culture

This Huddersfield sound system may or may not be here this year – I’ve not seen any confirmation of it. Even if it’s not here, with it’s amazing wooden speakers, no doubt you’ll see a different one.  What’s carnival without a reggae, dancehall and soca soundsystem?


Keeping my fingers crossed for dry, sunny weather! See you there x


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