Prepping for Berlin

I’ve booked a last-minute trip to the German capital and I’m pretty excited. When I get the chance to travel, I grab the opportunity with both hands.

Top of my to-do list, of course, is clubbing. House nights to be precise. I might be a bit stuck seen as, according to every travel guide I’ve read, techno is the dominant genre in the city. I don’t mind a bit of it here and there, especially Detroit style, but it’s just not my go-to. I mean, I could just go to a night to ‘experience’ it. But as I’m meeting with up with a friend who’s independent and may have other plans apart from seeing me, the¬†debauchery isn’t exactly suited.

It’s apparent that, after doing a little more research, Berlin’s music scene doesn’t begin and end with techno. I’ve already found 2 deep house nights taking place on the night I arrive.

J.A.W , Floating Points, Sadar Bahar and Andrew Ashong are playing at basement club Prince Charles, while Deep Fried hosts Jovonn and Arnaldo (from Manchester!). Even Berghain, the club many consider to be the utopia of techno, is showcasing dub gods The Bug and Mala while I’m there.

I’ve heard that Salon-Zur wilden Renate is a good club to go to for less techy vibes from Berlin-based DJs. It’s good to check out the local talent and I love this mix from Couleur, who appears to play there quite regularly. If this is anything like what’s in store when I visit Berlin, I’ll be more than happy. Get me there, now.


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