I Heart Berlin

My last-minute trip to Berlin exceeded my expectations. Everyone I know that’s visited, said I would have an amazing time. But I believe you never really know what a place is like until you’ve immersed yourself in it. So I was taken aback at how right they were.
Berlin Sights
Top 3 things I did
1: I went out, of course (I didn’t do the whole techno/house ‘thing‘ though). It’s my kind of place because everyone goes out late. It’s also very relaxed and I didn’t feel any kind of danger travelling through the city on my own at night. For the moment I wasn’t alone, I was very lucky to have a guide in my old flatmate who now lives in Berlin. It was mainly down to her that I had so much fun. We watched live comedy and drank tea cocktails at t Berlin in Kreuzberg, sat with a black and white straw model at Sameheads in Neukolin and I went on a solo mission one evening, where I danced to Grandmaster Flash and Maceo from De La Soul at Cassiopeia in Friedrichshain. My stay was made complete by “singing” along to Whitney Houston’s ‘I Have Nothing’ with the most amazing gay guys at Privatleben in Prenzlauer Berg. I would recommend them all.
Berlin Fun2: East Side Gallery (Berlin Wall). A great living piece of history that gives people the opportunity to actively learn and consider. I have many emotions about it. For me, it raises questions about what life was like on either side and what it means for the city now.
East Side Gallery3: Friedrichshain district. Just walking through this part of East Berlin is very cool. The grafitti, market stalls, cafes and shops are super interesting. It’s a shame I didn’t get to experience more of it in the day time. I definitely will be visiting here when I come back.
Walking Around

The 3 main things I took away from the trip are:

1: It’s famous history isn’t hidden away and the way Berlin and its people have reacted to it in a positive manner reflects a progressive city which is accepting of lots of different cultures.

2: The people I met were lovely. Straightforward, kind and friendly.

3: I didn’t ever feel like I was anywhere else. Berlin has a very strong identity.

Berlin really did steal my heart. I could go on about it even more but essentially Berlin is an experience to make your own. A must see city and definitely one I have to visit again.


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