Road trip: Bruk Up in Birmingham

Last night I travelled to Birmingham with some of my clubbing friends to a monthly broken beats and house night called Bruk Up.


It took place at the Hare and Hounds in Kings Heath, a music venue that has a distinctly soulful vibe going on.


Bruk Up is definitely one for the dancers; there were break dancers, jazz dancers and even tap dancing. I’m not sure what style my moves come under but they seemed to work. There were observers too but the majority of people are there to dance and involve themselves wholly in the music.

The energy in there was amazing and it was pretty cool to share the dancefloor with Detroit musician Amp Fiddler, who had been performing in another part of the venue, for a few minutes.

It was great to find a significant amount of people committed to a dance culture rare to see in UK clubs.

This video of one of the many dance offs captures a little bit of what went down. I will definitely be back.


The final Bruk Up of 2014 is Saturday December 6th. Full details are yet to be announced online but check out their website here.


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