Yeah, that’s me. Front left.

I’ve been part of a dance group for around 3 years, predominantly performing belly dance. My talented and committed teacher Maggie Zimon put together a choreography with Jovi Baniela Alvarez, another girl in our group, and her husband Daniel Harding, that combined Burlesque/Moulin Rouge style with Zouk Lambada, a Brazillian partner dance, for our most recent show in December 2014.

Rehearsal followed rehearsal, with yet more rehearsals. It was a lot of fun but extremely challenging; it was our longest sequence yet and 3 of us hadn’t attempted Zouk Lambada before. I’d never considered dancing in a partnership previous to this show because I’m too much of an independent dancer. That was a massive battle for me but I got the hang of it. I’m not as polished and professional as theatre performers for example, but I think I (and the rest of the group) deserve a pat on the back. Enjoy!

Visit Bellydance in Manchester or learn more about Zouk in Manchester, here.


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