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Manchester Wire preview: Community presents a ‘Felabration’

Community - Fela Kuti Birthday party 'Felabration'


Community hosts Black Coffee: 18/02/12

The lovely people at Community have announced that early bird tickets to see one of the hottest names in deep and soulful house have been reduced to £12.50.

Black Coffee has genuinely got the scene talking and it’s about time this fresh, innovative talent plays in our city.Taking place in a top secret city centre location with support from Irfan Rainy, Levi Live, Toots DJ and Farai, it has to be a contender for one of the best parties of the year.

To see the South African star (and by star, I mean he’s performed in front of over 30,000 people at the centenary celebrations of the ANC among his many global sets) for £12.50, pick up a ticket at Resident Advisor before they go up to £15.

See you on the dance floor!


Location: Secret!- Date: 18/02/12 – Price: £12.50 early birds – Time: 9.30pm to 4am


Check out the video I found of dancers enjoying Tribe Records’ DJ Zepherin Saint’s Sunday afternoon set at Manchester Caribbean Carnival 2011. The Community and Inna Deep soundsystem was the loudest one in the park playing to one of the largest crowds. It was part of an event which I think, was one of the best answers the people of Manchester could have made to the riots. And a week later, I’m still recovering from the Carnival (The garden party I went to last night won’t have helped though).

See if you can spot a certain raver…

And this was a crowd favourite…


I Want You To… Sing Along Too So I Don’t Suffer The Embarrassment Of Singing It On My Own In The Middle Of A Club

Sean McCabe dropped this Mood II Swing classic at Community over at Contact Theatre on Saturday night.  You know when you get those moments where the DJ to fades the vocals for people to sing along? That happened when he played this. However, I was the only one in the room that joined in. I’m still cringing now. Amazing track though.


Tempo Picks Up From Where Development Ends

After five years of deep house vibes at venues including Mint Lounge, Spektrum, The Attic and Sound Control,  Development’s organisers Andy Proctor, Tom Lynch, Mike O’Mara and Chris Feinmann have decided to call it a day for their club night.

Development is one of Manchester’s most well-known soulful and deep house parties of recent times.  Best known for bringing some of the genre’s biggest and respected names such as Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez and Glenn Underground to town, it’s finishing after a Easter 2011 finale.

It’s the second time they’ve announced this; check out the 2008 article I wrote in Metro here. I have a feeling it’s actually for real this time round.

Development’s given me an education and insight to a genre that I wouldn’t have grown to love as much if the night didn’t exist.  I love its open-minded music policy. Sets from techno don Theo Parrish, leftfield Radio One DJ Benji B and deep-house duo Ame have expanded my knowledge. I also remember friends giving me a running commentary on house history while dancing at the back-of-the-middle-of-the-dancefloor in Mint Lounge every month. I now know the difference between US Garage and vocal house, tech house and techno and real disco and family party disco. Basically I’ve learnt how to chin stroke with all the house heads because of Development. I’ll still dance to Sister Sledge with my aunties at family dos though. 

Enough of my emotional outburst. There’s some good news out of all of this. Glasgow’s Sub Club residents Hari and Dom were due to play at last weekend’s fifth birthday but because of problems with Sound Control’s late night licence, they couldn’t. That’s not great, but this part is. Harri and Dom will play the newly-added penultimate Development to make up for their unfortunate absence on Saturday. The location and date is yet to be announced but expect a post once it is.

Moving on from Development, new night Tempo is setting up camp in the capital and town in the new year. Run by Manchester-based DJ Dave Law and London spinner DeanJay, Tempo will join Community, my other favourite house night, on the Manchester scene.

DeanJay (whose mixes I listen to regularly) and Dave have booked some exciting UK DJs and producers. It’s not confirmed, but names like Sy Sez, Grant Nelson and Neil Pierce from The Fanatix are being banded about on the Tempo Facebook page. Plus, exclusive mixes from the aforementioned DJs and others will be released for members of the Facebook group. 

Tempo is set to start in Manchester in January 2011, and the London party will be in February. Monthly gatherings will then follow. 

While another chapter closes for Manchester clubbing, it’s time to get excited for another one.


Last night…

On Saturday 20th November, roots house producer, DJ and promoter Irfan Rainy gathered Manchester’s dancers, performers and music lovers together in the depths of the Northern Quarter for his Loft Party, celebrating 20 years of his involvement in the city’s scene. 

Alongside the Community organiser’s educated soundtrack of salsa, jazz, broken beat, rare groove, disco and deep house, ravers enjoyed performances from contemporary New York dance group Mixed Movement and various impromptu creative collaborations. Among those included a very random – but very cool – moment of when beat boxer Jason Singh did his thing over a digereedoo played by hip-hop artist Baba Israel.

Here some images of what was an amazing night.   

Next up is Community with Sean McCabe at Contact Theatre on Saturday 4 December. See you there!


Choicy: Wookie, Groove Assassin and more

Right, this weekend is going to be particularly annoying for me. In a ‘why do I have to go all the way across town from Community to get to the Roadhouse?’ kinda way. Yes, I’ll gladly attend two club nights half a mile apart because I’ll bear the pain in my feet for some heavy beats (sorry for the unintentional rhyming there). Especially when Wookie is involved. Well, maybe. If it’s not raining.

Anyway, for fans of house (the roots kind, if you please), d’n’b, UK Garage or anniversary parties… celebrating Funkademia’s first year at Mint Lounge of course, here are some ways how to carry on the party on from bank holiday.

Friday 3rd September

Oh My God @ Sankeys

Oh My God is putting on an all-night rave at the Radium Street venue for all the drum’n’bass and dubstep heads of Manchester. Renowned for it’s legendary parties that seem to pop up just when you start to need that kind of rave in your life, Oh My God has hosted the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Grooverider, drum’n’bass favourite Jenna G and Manchester dub selector Ken Evil.  Friday sees Calyx and Teebee playing a exclusive two-hour deck set, while the likes of Cyantific and Cookie Monsta will warm the party up nicely. 

10pm to 6am, £10 before 11pm, £12 before 12pm and £15 after

Contort Yourself vs Murkage presents Wookie @ Roadhouse

When the Contort Yourself and Murkage crews announced the producer of classic UK Garage tracks such as ‘Battle’ and ‘Down On Me’ is coming to Manchester, it certainly got me in a tizzy. Watch hundreds of UKG fans get in a even bigger flap when Wookie, who’s now gone down a more house-based route, goes back to the good old days of when Moschino shirts were the height of fashion and everyone shouted  ‘Boo!’ at the DJ.    

11pm to 3am, £4 before 11.30pm, £5 adv or with flyer, £6 after

Community presents Groove Assassin @ Contact Theatre

Community is back for it’s monthly gathering, and this September Sheffield spinner Groove Assassin will be playing at it’s occasional but extremely welcoming home of Contact Theatre. The performance space is a great spot for the dancers that frequent the night ran by Rainy City Music’s Irfan, and the globe-trotting selector (who’s released tracks on respected labels including Mn2S and Soul Heaven) will provide a perfect soundtrack to the night with his brand of soulful and deep-tinged house. If Assassin’s site is anything to go by, there might be a bit of disco and jackin’ house too. Support comes from Irfan Rainy and Levi Live.   

10.30pm to 4am, £5 before 11pm, £6 concessions, £10 after 11pm

Funkademia: One Year At Mint Lounge @ Mint Lounge

This night got a mention last week, so I won’t bother going into detail about what to expect. One thing though, it’s likely to be even more extravagant and fun, which is always a good thing. Check out this mix from Funkademia resident DJ Redsoul to get in the mood to party, anniversary style.

10.3o pm to 3.30am, £5 before 11pm, £6 after

See you on the dancefloor x


Where Are You Going? Out.

Despite being a twenty-something the stroppy teenager in me hasn’t completely disappeared. It’s all because of this very good question: Where are you going? The days of door slamming and descending down the stairs unnecessarily loudly fortunately have, but my passion for dance culture still manifests in the obvious answer. Going out. A lot. And no smart arse, it’s not to the park to drink White Lightning on the swings.

Most parties I go to – and have been to – are in Manchester, where I live and have grown up.  Soulful house and US garage-based nights are my main haunts, but I also enjoy parties where drum‘n’bass, jungle, broken beats, dubstep, hip hop*, r’n’b*, soul, reggae, dancehall and UK Garage is played.

Various quality nights, clubs and DJs (for example Hot Milk, Development, Murkage, Ape, Community, Warehouse Project, Content and Cutloose) cater to all of these tastes. It’s clear the city has a lot to offer to people like me and the hundreds of clubbers that attend them, but there aren’t any outlets that concentrate on them as a whole. With that in mind,‘Gone Out’ aims to provide an informative, entertaining and non-patronising take on Manchester clubbing with beats – with some other places and topics thrown in for good measure.

Expect interviews, previews, reviews, photography, brief listings of key nights and rants about chin strokers by me, a former Metro newspaper and City journalist.

Contact if you would like to be featured or to make any suggestions.   

 *Please note, by saying I like r’n’b and hip hop, it doesn’t mean I head to Opus on a Saturday night wearing a polyester mini dress. None of that chat here.